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This compilation was initiated on 10-18-2000.

Stuart Frost Brian Toomey-Drum LIne/Staff Kelleigh (Lewis) Moulton Dennis Scott-Drum Line/Staff
Mary (Lewis) Scott-Horn Line/Staff Shelley Carroll-Dips Mellophone,83-85 Kathy (Mahan) Breslin Patty (Collins) Bush
Pam (Kelly) Dobay-Drum Major Shaun Lewis-Drum Line Chris Langlois-Horn Line/Staff Mike Merrett-Percussion Staff
Linda Chopelas-Co-Director Tom Chopelas-Director Nancy Steber-Support Staff Susan (Kelly) Nimblett-Horn Line
TJ Doucette-Marching Staff Tom (Jumbo) Shaheen-Percussion Staff Frank (Pokey) Neuwinger-Marching Staff John Prochilo-Brass Staff
Mike Goff-Marching Staff Kathy Kerrins-Marching Staff Frank Grelle-Percussion Staff Joe Lyons-Percussion Staff
Dick Burke-Marching Staff Joe Schulte-Horn Line Bob and Mary Lewis-Support Staff Tom Holland-Marching Staff
Joan Kelly-Support Staff Leon Rich-Horn Line/Staff Tyrone Parker-Percussion Staff Kevin Mactaggart-Brass Staff
JIm Wedge-Brass Staff Don Mactaggart-Brass Staff Paul Unni-Diplomats Soprano Kevin Richards-Diplomats

Do you know any former corps members not listed above? Ask them to stop by the site and we will be happy to add them to the above roster. It's a great way for all of us to re-connect with old friends and keep in touch with present ones.

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